Moby wrote in another work of diary (or, maybe, autofiction) that he and Natalie Portman dated
quickly when she was 20 and he was 33, after a coy scene in his changing area. This week, Portman reacted, saying she quickly knew him as "a more established man who was keen on me such that felt improper." Oh, and she was 18 at the time, not 20.

The artist's new diary Then It Fell Apart sets him and Portman "kissing under the hundreds of years old oak trees [at Harvard University]. At midnight she conveyed me to her apartment and we set down alongside one another on her little bed. After she nodded off I deliberately removed myself from her arms and returned a taxi to my inn." By his very own record, the Ivy League bodice-ripper met its end since, "I needed a certain something: for me to be separated from everyone else … nothing set off my fits of anxiety more than drawing near to a lady I thought about." In this profoundly improbable situation, all that remained among Moby and a sentimental association with Natalie Portman were his own very nuanced closeness issues.

In a meeting distributed in Harper's Bazaar on Tuesday, Portman questions Moby's cases, saying the two never had a relationship yet that he did creepily hit on her when she was scarcely 18:

"I was amazed to hear that he portrayed the extremely brief time that I realized him as dating in light of the fact that my memory is an a lot more seasoned man being dreadful with me when I simply had graduated secondary school. He said I was 20; I unquestionably wasn't. I was a youngster. I had quite recently turned 18. There was no reality checking from him or his distributer — it nearly feels conscious."

On Wednesday, Moby reacted via web-based networking media, demanding that his record was precise. He took to both Twitter and Instagram, professing to have "loads of authenticating photograph proof" to back up his side of the story; going with the post is an undated photo of the performer with his arm around a youthful Portman — which doesn't do him supports in the wet blanket office. The post does not start to address the way that what he saw as "dating" she saw as "unpleasant," just as their contrasting conclusions of Portman's age at the time.

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