A delegate for the on-screen character told CNN on Thursday that "Mr. Perry is at present under perception at the medical clinic." 

The representative would not intricate about what prompted his hospitalization. 

Perry rose to popularity during the '90s for his job on Fox's hit arrangement "Beverly Hills, 90210," from 1990 to 2000. He as of now stars as Fred Andrews on CW's "Riverdale." 

Some of Perry's previous "90210" co-stars took to web-based social networking to expand their help and wants for a speedy recuperation. 

Ian Ziering composed on Instagram, "No words can express what my heart feels hearing the present stunning news. Let every one of us state a supplication for his fast recuperation." 

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Shannen Doherty also took to Instagram to say, "My friend. Holding you tight and giving you my strength. You got this." The news of Perry's hospitalization comes multi day after Fox reported it is completing a "90210" reboot that will star all the first superstars except for Doherty and Perry.


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