"I consider this danger important and I'm counseling with my lawful direction in regards to my choices pushing ahead." 

PAULA ROGO Feb, 18, 2019 

50 Penny is reacting to new claims that a NYPD region authority compromised the rapper, and now he intends to make legitimate move. 

50 Penny took to his Twitter to react to the claims, which were first distributed on Sunday by the New York Day by day News. Presently the NYPD is examining Delegate Investigator Emanuel Gonzalez, authority of the city's 72nd area in Brooklyn, for supposedly advising officers to shoot 50 Penny "without hesitation" amid a move bring in the station house last June. 

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"This is the manner by which I get up at the beginning of today. This person Emanuel Gonzales is a filthy cop mishandling his Capacity. The pitiful part is this man still has an identification and a firearm," 50 Penny said in a tweet on Sunday. "I consider this danger important and I'm counseling with my legitimate guidance in regards to my choices pushing ahead."


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