FLORIDA – 21-year old Tyrone Smith killed his supposed closest companion, Xavier Johnson, following a 10-hour butt-centric session between 2 totally hetero men, Xavier didn't state "No homo" or "No homo brother", therefore, consequently changing over it into non-hetero sex. 

The occurrence happened the previous evening in Florida, in a little condo in Orlando. Tyrone wounded his companion multiple times in the chest and after that called an emergency vehicle, yet it was past the point of no return. Before the paramedics arrived Tyrone conceded cutting him one final time to ensure Xavier was dead he told police in a meeting "He was not with that gay poo" and admitted to the homicide of Xavier. 

Tyrone was accused for of capital homicide. As indicated by police authorities, he may just face 15 years detainment rather than 30, since "he did what he needed to do, particularly in light of the fact that he was the uninvolved one". 

The Orlando police is examining the case to check whether there's whatever other motivation behind why Tyrone may have chosen to murder his closest companion, as per them not saying "no homo" is a legitimate reason and his activities are nothing unexpected. 

Moreover, they're endeavoring to see whether Xavier said "no homo", however Tyrone murdered him in any case. All things considered, Tyrone may confront 30 years of jail, since it would have been an unjustified homicide.



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