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Jon Jones halted Alexander Gustafsson in the third round to win an undisputed UFC light heavyweight title for the third time in his profession. 

Regardless of a 15-month hostile to doping suspension, Jones (23-1 MMA, 17-1 UFC) didn't think twice, out-striking Gustafsson (18-5 MMA, 10-5 UFC) before constraining a ground-and-pound Technical knockout in the third round. 

Following a wild week that saw the occasion moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles after a strange Jones tranquilize test result, Jones got the stoppage at the 2:02 sign of the third round of the contenders' rematch. 

"Without God, I am literally nothing," Jones said a short time later. "All wonder to God. All things considered, this is an extraordinary inclination." 

Wearing the belt in the octagon out of the blue since he thumped out Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 to retake the belt, Jones squandered brief period in getting out his long-lasting opponent, who was re-delegated champion when he fizzled a post-battle sedate test for a steroid metabolite. 

"Man, I know there's a person who's been calling himself champ-champ," Jones said. "That is to say, what fellow just surrenders his belt since another person made it home? Daddy's home, D.C. Demonstrate to the fans you're a champ-champ. Come get a taste. I'm here. Recover your belt. It will hold up appropriate here." 

Synthetic mixes — or one specifically — posed a potential threat over Jones' featuring rematch against Gustafsson when a medication test by the UFC's enemy of doping accomplice uncovered a follow measure of the M3 metabolite of the steroid oral turinabol. USADA did not issue an authorize, in any case, administering the metabolite was a remaining left over from a July 2017 positive test that cost Jones the belt. 

Notwithstanding that leeway, the UFC was compelled to move UFC 232 to California on short of what multi week's notice when the first endorsing body, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, couldn't meet a conference to assess the unfavorable finding against Jones, who additionally came up positive on two different events for the metabolite notwithstanding five negative tests. 

Jones unflinchingly denied any bad behavior, asserting he'd been cleared by USADA. He bristled at inquiries concerning the conditions, in any case, chiding a correspondent who got some information about the positive medication test. 

In the octagon on Saturday, Jones had returned to his old self in a few diverse ways. He rebuffed his rival at separation, pummeling kicks to the body and legs. He landed elbows in close, tweaked shoulders, expanded knees and by and large made any development damnation. 

Best of UFC 232: Jon Jones returns 


Subsequently, he was the peaceful, humble warrior that emerged when joined with his fearsome battling aptitudes. 

"I'm so happy to be home," Jones spouted to UFC observers Joe Rogan, Dominick Cruz and Jon Anik subsequently. "I adore everything about this." 

As he had completed four years back in a first gathering with Jones, Gustafsson attempted to get within and utilize his boxing to refute the champ's long legs. He did as such in the second round, getting his best punches of the battle. 

Be that as it may, as in their first gathering, Jones had all the earmarks of being in charge at each minute, utilizing his outstretched fingers and foot development to circle away at whatever point Gustafsson got excessively close. 

"The first occasion when I battled Alexander, I remained in his punching range, and the principle distinction is I knew about how far away I was consistently," Jones said. 

The recently printed champ more than once said he didn't prepare for that first session with Gustafsson, who was generally accepted to have given him his hardest test. Jones demonstrated what he could do with time to prepare. 

Next, he'll look to restore predominance over Cormier, a man who's profited by his stumbles outside the pen to take the light heavyweight title. Before Cormier resigns, Jones might want nothing superior to have a last chuckle. 

On Twitter, Cormier, the UFC's second two-division champ before the advancement stripped him of the belt, laughed at his adversary's success.


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