Harvey Weinstein pictured with Jennifer Lawrence in 2013

Harvey Weinstein gloated about laying down with Jennifer Lawrence, a claim asserts.

At the point when an anonymous performing artist dismissed his advances, he supposedly asked: "Would you even like to be a performer?" And included: "I laid down with Jennifer Lawrence and look where she will be; she has recently won an Oscar." 

Lawrence said her "heart breaks for all ladies who were misled by Harvey Weinstein." 

She included that she never had "anything other than an expert association with him." 

A delegate for Weinstein called the claim "malevolent" and said it was intended to humiliate him and earn unchecked media consideration. 

Harvey Weinstein gloated about laying down with Jennifer Lawrence after another on-screen character dismissed his advances, a claim has affirmed. 

The most recent charge against the film maker rose in court archives on Friday, with an anonymous lady guaranteeing he coercively performed oral sex on her. Weinstein has prevented all charges from claiming non-consensual sex. 

As indicated by the claim, recorded in Los Angeles, Weinstein pushed the anonymous performing artist to the ground amid a gathering at his office in 2013 preceding explicitly attacking her. 

When she dismissed his advances, Weinstein is asserted to have asked, "Would you even like to be a performing artist?", including: "I laid down with Jennifer Lawrence and look where she will be; she has quite recently won an Oscar." 

Lawrence issued an announcement on Friday denying she had a sexual association with Weinstein. "My heart breaks for every one of the ladies who were exploited by Harvey Weinstein. I have never had anything other than an expert association with him. This is one more case of the savage strategies and untruths that he occupied with to draw innumerable ladies." 

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The most recent informer, recorded in authoritative reports as Jane Doe, is suing both Weinstein and The Weinstein Organization, the film studio he established with his sibling Bounce. She asserts sexual battery and separation. 

A delegate for Weinstein said the claim was "malevolent" and that the film big shot is "humiliated" for Lawrence who has "tragically been hauled into this appalling endeavor at slander." 
Harvey Weinstein Jennifer Lawrence
Harvey Weinstein Jennifer Lawrence Kevork Djansezian/Getty 

They stated: "This claim was recorded and refreshed deliberately with no notice given or any endeavor to connect with Mr Weinstein's lawyers for one reason; It was intended to humiliate Mr Weinstein and gather unchecked media consideration. 

"There is definitely no fact to the noxious cases made in this claim, and we are evaluating our choices with an eye on petitioning for a quick expulsion. 

"Mr Weinstein is humiliated for Ms Lawrence with whom he has just had an expert and deferential relationship, who has unfortunately been hauled into this appalling endeavor at slander. 

"This documenting further demonstrates that anybody can state whatever they need in a claim for most extreme stun esteem, to slander and corrupt, without offering any certainties or reality." 

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It comes after a gathering of Weinstein informers endeavored to square him from carrying his private messages into people in general eye. 

Weinstein has asked an insolvency court in the US province of Delaware to enable him to recoup documents from The Weinstein Organization. 

He needs to utilize the messages with all due respect against rape charges in New York. Be that as it may, his informers from a different common case, are attempting to obstruct the move because of worries over privacy. 

They have requested that a judge square him from discharging the material to "the media (or some other outsider)" in the wake of asserting Weinstein's legal advisors disclosed to them he "expected to release these messages in the media to influence the court of general feeling." 

Weinstein's thoughtful attorney, Scott Cousins, blamed the ladies for "doing everything they can to keep reality from turning out." 

Mr Cousins included: "This methodology won't look good, as they are going in the face of the chapter 11 court's good faith which has sole ward over these messages and the offended parties know it. To guarantee rape and after that take such measures to keep reality from being heard says a lot of their thought processes." 

Weinstein is next due in court on December 20.


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