On Saturday, the Voracious star uncovered on Twitter that her and Twenty One Pilots' playmate Josh Dun got occupied with a progression of contacting photographs of the enchantment minute, including her enormous, new sparkler. 

"I said yes!" she inscribed the pictures. "Well in fact I said 'No chance' twice yet I implied yes." 

In the photographs, the 25-year-old television star looks naturally stunned as he pops the inquiry. In different pictures, the television star separates in tears in the wake of tolerating his proposition. She picked a streaming dark dress shrouded in blossoms for the event. With respect to Dun, he wore an all-dark outfit to get down on one knee. The commitment occurred in a really one of a kind wooden structure encompassed by backwoods. 

The drummer likewise posted pictures, offering another take a gander at the uncommon minute's one of a kind region - a major round treehouse! 

"I found a tree house in the forested areas in New Zealand and proposed to my young lady," he inscribed the photographs. "She my buddy forever. I adore you Debby." 

I said yes! Well actually I said "No chance" twice yet I implied yes 
The couple beginning dating in 2013, yet have been on-and-off since. At that point, in August of this current year, Ryan affirmed to The Sydney Morning Envoy that she and Dun were by and by a thing. 

"I'm enamored and extremely glad," she said. "We've advanced and become such a great amount in our professions, in the relationship, as individuals since we initially met. It's cool and unique to have that emotionally supportive network and we are each other's greatest fans."


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