Sensitivity for Ousmane Dembélé: looking from a separation at the battles of the world's most dangerously overrated 21-year-old footballer, it is difficult to identify a lot of this out there the present moment. 

This week Dembélé's disturbed time at Barcelona achieved another minor purpose of emergency. The player and his specialists were assembled into a conference with the club chain of command, where Dembélé was encouraged to pull his socks up and the club progressive system was asked to quit spilling stories to the press, a story that was quickly spilled to the press. 

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This is obviously just the same old thing new. Football has dependably eaten its young, and the Camp Nou has dependably been a hard place to go. Like Dembélé, Diego Maradona was likewise a stripling when he marked for Barcelona in 1982. Like Dembélé he was the most costly youthful player on the planet. What's more, as Dembélé he discovered it ruinously hard. 

At an opportune time Maradona seethed against the administrator Udo Lattek, who demanded he kicked drug balls around for a considerable length of time, the greater the installation coming up, the heavier the medication balls. Maradona battled with Catalan culture, battled with his "numbskull" of a director, who always informed against him. He battled with the excessively physical Barcelona style. 

The Dembélé story is an adventure of interests, operators and perpetual contact among his very own brandishing mechanical complex 

In the long run his lower leg was snapped ("it seemed like a bit of wood part") in a terrible test by Andoni Goikoetxea. In the wake of squirming excruciatingly for a couple of minutes the most costly footballer on the planet was in the end stolen away the Camp Nou pitch on a cover and headed to doctor's facility in a little acquired van after it turned out there were no ambulances. Think about this, maybe, to the instance of Dembélé, whose possess involvement with Barcelona has included being carried into town like a lesser princeling of the intergalactic great world class, exchanged from seven-star fixed inside to first class preparing complex by means of helicopter gunship dressed just in yak-hide robes and a strong gold cap. It isn't popular to feel frustrated about Dembélé in these conditions, to acknowledge a 21-year-old multimillionaire may feel forlorn or lost in Catalonia. At any rate without a doubt Dembélé has a man to do that for him, a group of junior helpers whose obligation it is to watch out of the window with a tragic articulation, to take shifts meandering hopelessly from space to room in his covered and gated chateau. 

On the off chance that so they will have been working extra time. It is 15 months now since Dembélé was culled out and radiated down at the Camp Nou for an expense near £100m. Since when he has played a hour and a half only multiple times and scored 10 objectives. Data from Football Holes discloses to us Dembélé has been paid £15m in fundamental wages in this time, with £9m redirected to "intermediates", changed in very little over a year from promising Rennes adolescent to one-man brandishing uber industry. 

At minutes like these football resembles a continuous social analysis, a journey to discover what we can do to these individuals, the amount of this illuminating strangeness a 21-year-old competitor can take. What shapes will it twist him into, what wounds will it gouge out? 

Ousmane Dembélé models for the media with his family amid his Barcelona uncovering at the Camp Nou in August 2017. 

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Ousmane Dembélé models for the media with his family amid his Barcelona divulging at the Camp Nou in August 2017. Photo: Andreu Dalmau/EPA-EFE 

Dembélé had begun the season a long time before he was dropped. He even lit up an uneven Clásico a month ago, passing wonderfully, flooding far from safeguards with such simple effortlessness it isn't difficult to perceive how with some an opportunity to soak and reinforce he truly could sprout into a feature star of the following decade. Late on he did he something repulsive to Nacho: turning, winding back and after that simply facilitating past his man in a way that left Nacho looking lost, astounded, befuddled as to his essential reason in this wide green space. 

Yet, something hasn't been correct. Awful vibes have been available from the earliest starting point. There have been reports of turning up late to prepare, of disappearing in club hours. The discussion is of an awful state of mind, of deserted Spanish exercises, terrible eating routine. Wear Balon called Dembélé "Dismal, unresponsive, reluctant and exorbitantly individualistic", propose he goes to bed in the small hours, a lover of "the support and cheap food". 

What to make of this? How genuinely to take what seem like some genuinely off-the-rack, and undoubtedly uneasily conventional reactions of a young fellow living abroad without his family out of the blue? Who is extremely taking care of this valuable, superheated 21-year-old? 


The Dembélé story has dependably been an adventure of interests and specialists and unending contact among the Dembélé brandishing mechanical complex. He dropped out with Rennes during the time spent moving from youth to initially group, dropped out with Rennes again when he exited, and dropped out with Dortmund when he abandoned them. 

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Sean Ingle 

Sean Ingle 

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Be that as it may, at that point football has pestered and snapped and gotten at Dembélé with its fat oily hands from the begin, to the degree Dortmund really applauded him for his relentlessness in denying the different enormous cash offers amid his extremely concise time as a meteorite at Rennes. 

Thus we hear he may be off again, out there being monetised yet again like no other 21-year-old ability has ever been monetised previously. There is a recommendation Barcelona may fund a move to expedite Neymar back by moving Dembélé, accentuating the fundamental pointlessness of the whole exercise: Neymar moves to Paris Holy person Germain to satisfy a Qatari game washing venture. Dembélé is removed in kind for strangulating measures of cash. Everybody stagnates, everybody treads water, everybody gets paid. Liverpool has been proposed a conceivable goal for Dembélé, a hair-raising marking should Jürgen Klopp figure out how to pull it off. For the time being the anthem of Ousmane Dembélé will remain a story that just truly uncovers its trouble in diagram. Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? Who really supposes it could be a smart thought to throw such immense, bewildering skirts loaded with cash at a young person, at that point anticipate that him not will be frightened by this? Is there any point in asking these fairly out-dated sounding inquiries? 

We will, obviously, discover. Tremendous measures of extra money will now be tossed at the issue, with all the typical cuts and rewards. What's more, at last motion is great. Moves are great. Everybody wins here – everybody, that is, who matters.


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